Complaint against the Director General of the Police and the Provincial Commissioner of Vitoria admitted for processing

Court investigates police director and 3 police commissioners for administrative malfeasance

Investigation Diligences of the Public Prosecutor's Office

750 kilos of cocaine concealed in a container of tropical pineapples seized in Malaga

Four policemen investigated for skipping the judge in a case of arms trafficking

Javier Ruiz Blay, 34, and Andrés Álvarez Matilla, 33, are a good example of the new generation of young lawyers who are making their way in our days through hard work and dedication.

Although a priori she is accused of a crime of attempted murder, she is finally acquitted of it and is sentenced for a crime of injuries with a dangerous weapon to a year and a half in prison.

A man acquitted for selling false tickets for the 2010 World Cup final in South Africa because he had already been convicted of the same

They acquit a man accused of selling fake tickets for the World Cup in South Africa to a travel agency

The fifth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has sentenced a woman to a year and a half in prison for stabbing her daughter after having sex with her romantic partner.

La secció cinquena de l'Audiència Provincial de València ha condemnat a una dona a un any i mig de presó per apunyalar la seua filla després de mantindre relacions sexuals amb la seua parella sentimental.

The prosecutor requests thirteen years in prison for the mother for attempted murder and the stepfather was arrested for a crime against the sexual freedom of the minor

Police registration for crimes of years ago is illegal

The court applies the doctrine of the fruit of the poisoned tree: It annuls both entry and search orders and acquits two accused of drug trafficking

Tried the two lieutenants in Valencia of the Mexican drug dealer Mono Muñoz

A drug trafficking investigation in Valencia reveals a conspiracy to assassinate a prosecutor in Mexico

Spain-based 'warlords' selling weapons in Africa and the Middle East

The court of the 'coffin case' accumulates more than 1,300 complaints

César Hinostroza will continue on provisional freedom until his extradition

The Rio, Rayo and Falla newspapers: the three civil guards in their 20s infiltrated as drug traffickers

An investigation to dismantle the ‘Russian Eden’

Freedom without bail for the four jailed for money laundering of the Russian mafia